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Minimalist Crypto Monitoring

About CryptoNirvana

There are many websites containing a wealth of information in the crypto currency space, but sometimes it's desirable to have a clean, simplified view of the world. That's what CryptoNirvana.com intends to be - a simple, clean, easy to use research tool to help you monitor and absorb information in crypto.

CryptoNirvana offers the ability to..

  • Monitor all crypto assets with a periodic sync (5 minutes) and emoji's describing the past 24 hours
  • Favorite particular assets to easily parse through them (all in local storage)
  • Sort and apply advanced filtering to market cap data (persist with URL)
  • Learn more about any particular asset
  • Follow price activity with a real-time chart powered by TradingView (where available)
  • Gain insights into activity on twitter (mentions/hashtags)
  • Select a base currency from 32 different currencies (default is USD)
  • Personalize the theme (light / dark) and favorite row colors