jQuery TubePlayer Plugin: YouTube Player Settings

The plugin manages a YouTube video. When instantiating the YouTube video player, the following settings are provided in addition to callback listeners.

Specify the video ID, e.g. kOkQ4T5WO9E.
Pixel value. Advised to respect 16:9 or 4:3 ratios.
Pixel value. Advised to respect 16:9 or 4:3 ratios.
Specify a list of video Ids, e.g. ["ID1", "ID2",..].
The default protocol will be determined by the browser.
UX behavior around player controls.
The progress bar an be red or white.
The ideal quality level for the stream.

Player Settings

YouTube Video Player

The YouTube video player has been initialized below using the settings from the previous screen.

TubePlayer Data $("#playerId").tubeplayer("data")

Accessing the players data will yield the following.

API Methods

Some methods return values, others invoke behavior.

Player Properties

{...} The settings used to initialize the player.

Player Events

Audit trail of actions triggered.

Player Activity Callbacks

All the callbacks triggered during usage. onPlay, onPause, ...